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Top Ten Reasons Your Business Needs A Web Site:
1) 327 million people online worldwide. (and growing)
2) 80 million Americans are currently online. (and growing)
3) A website is the least expensive way to reach the largest number of people. (worldwide)
4) The internet is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
5) Internet commerce resulted in $51 BILLION dollars in sales in 1998 and continues to grow!
6) Thousands of businesses are already online.  Don't let your competition beat you!
7) The Internet allows small businesses to compete with large corporations on a level playing field.
8) A WebSite allows for direct communication with your customers.
9) A WebSite allows you to track the number of people viewing your advertisement.
10) A WebSite is the lowest cost most effective way to increase sales for your business!
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